Episode 11: Why Bother with Free Book Promotions?

On this solo episode of the podcast, I’m tackling a topic that’s a little controversial in the indie children’s book world. You may have heard other self-published authors talk about giving away copies of their book for free and wondered, “Why... read more

What Do You Really Need as an Indie Children’s Author?

One of the most overwhelming parts of becoming a self-published children’s author is figuring out what you really need to publish your book and make it a success. There’s a lot of well-intentioned advice out there about the million and one things you can... read more

Episode 10: Lynelle Woolley on Creating a Popular Series

My guest on the podcast this week is Lynelle Woolley, self-published children’s author of the fantastic series Flower Girl World. I reached out to Lynelle after running across her books in the Kindle store and being extremely impressed with how attractive,... read more

Episode 9: Author Catherine Driscoll “Talks Turkey”

My guest this week is Catherine Driscoll, self-published author of the hit book “The Town Turkey.” Catherine wrote it based on a funny event that happened in her town, and ended up turning the idea into a very successful first book! In this interview she... read more

4 Simple Tricks for Getting Book Reviews Fast

Author’s Note: Although I wrote this article for children’s authors, and there are a few things that are unique to children’s books, these methods work for any author in any genre who needs to get more reviews! Please share it with any authors you... read more
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