Pay What You Want!

This isn’t a joke… because I want to help 1000 people publish their own children’s book, I’m offering my 6 Weeks to Your First Children’s book course at an unbeatable price: whatever you want.

I normally sell this course for $147 since it’s 6 hours of video training plus lots of other great resources to make the self-publishing process easier. But I know that a lot of people have been dreaming for years of writing and publishing their own children’s book, and I want to remove cost as a barrier to achieving that dream.

That’s why I’m experimenting (for a limited time) with letting you pay whatever you think is fair for lifetime access to the course, with a minimum price of $5 just to cover some of the payment processing and video hosting fees. You pay whatever you can afford and think is fair to get everything you need to know to publish your own children’s books.

Sound good? Just fill out the form to get started. I have to manually create each Pay What You Want account after they’re received, but you’ll get access quickly and will be able to go through the course at your own pace.

I can’t wait to help you accomplish your dream of having your own children’s book to share with family, friends, and fans!

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