Bolaji-Oyejide-Brave-Little-HeroesThis episode of the Let’s Make Kids’ Books podcast features the brilliant and entertaining children’s author Bolaji O, who writes a series of great fantasy adventure books for kids called Brave Little Heroes.

Bolaji started publishing his own children’s books a couple of years ago, although he’s been writing and making up stories since he was a kid in Nigeria. In this episode, he shares how he got started self-publishing, and how he’s brought skills and strategies he learned as an online marketer to his children’s books, helping him grow his fan base and increase sales of his books.

The episode is packed full of production and marketing tips you can start using to create and sell your books, as both Bolaji and I share what has worked for us and what we recommend to other authors. In this show, Bolaji shares:

  • How his love of technology led him to try self-publishing early on
  • Why you shouldn’t tackle every part of the publishing process yourself, and what he outsources
  • Where Bolaji found fantastic illustrators for his books
  • Why he doesn’t just release books as soon as they’re done, and “launches” them instead
  • How getting super-specific about his perfect customer helped increase his sales and made his job as an author easier
  • How to get people excited about your book before it’s released
  • Why building a mailing list of readers is absolutely key to your success
  • Freebie ideas you can offer to your readers to grow your mailing list and create rabid fans
  • What to actually mail to your list once you’ve built it, and how to get readers to take action
  • Why you shouldn’t imitate the marketing practices of big-name authors
  • How to maintain a healthy balance of personal life, creativity, and business growth
  • Why creating a series or brand can be a great sales booster
  • And much more!

No matter what stage you’re at in the writing and publishing process, there’s a lot of great advice in this episode. Bolaji is one of the smartest self-published authors I know when it comes to sales and marketing, so don’t miss this episode!

More from Bolaji:

  • Brave Little Heroes – Bolaji’s awesome series of books for kids ages 6-12. In addition to checking out his books, be sure to look at what he’s doing from a marketing and branding standpoint, and subscribe to his newsletter to see the kinds of stuff he sends out to his readers. There’s a lot to learn from watching what he does!

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