Join the Let’s Make Kids’ Books Mastermind Facebook group!

One of the best ways to keep learning, growing, and succeeding as a self-published children’s author is to have a group of like-minded people to support you and help you in your journey. Too many authors try to go it alone and end up getting discouraged or not knowing what to do next.

That’s why I created the Let’s Make Kids’ Books Mastermind group on Facebook. It’s a community of other children’s authors, mostly self-published, who share tips, ask and answer questions, and encourage each other to keep creating, publishing, and promoting their books. I’m also in the group every day, sharing what I’ve learned, answering members’ questions, sharing helpful resources, and offering encouragement.

The group is currently¬†free to join, although I expect to start charging for membership in the future once it becomes too big for me to manage by myself, so don’t wait! Make sure you join today and start participating.

If you’d like to become part of this great community of children’s authors, please click here and ask to join the group to get started!

I hope to see you in the group soon, and please feel free to invite anyone else who you think would be a good fit. 

– Beau