Pricing Your Children's Book for Maximum ProfitsIn this episode, I talk about a topic that trips up many self-published children’s authors: how to price your book so it actually sells. But beyond just selling, it’s important that you actually make some money from your books so you can keep creating more! Sometimes selling (or giving away) as many copies as possible means less money for you in the long run.

That’s why in this episode I talk about the best price points for your book on Amazon, how to find the “sweet spot” between low prices and maximum profitability, how to use pricing strategy effectively (don’t worry, it’s easy), and when to use “non-standard” prices for your books.

If you’ve been stressing about how to price your book, or want to revisit the pricing on books you already have up for sale, don’t miss this episode! Everything I share is based off of my own personal experience of pricing and selling my own books, as well as what I’ve seen other successful authors do and what Amazon recommends. It’s a quick but powerful episode.

If you have any questions about pricing, or want to share your own results with different prices, please leave them in the comments!

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