Tara Lazar, Children's Book Blogger and Author of The MonstoreIn this episode of the Let’s Make Kids’ Books podcast, I’m joined by the talented and funny Tara Lazar, who blogs at TaraLazar.com about writing children’s books and shares a ton of great info from the traditional publishing side of the business. She also wrote the fantastic picture book called The Monstore, and has several more books in the process of being published.

I invited her to come on the show and talk about lessons she’s learned from years in the business, and share advice for aspiring authors on how to perfect their craft and become a thriving author in today’s publishing world. Even though she at children’s book publishing very differently than I do, there’s a lot of great information to learn from in this episode!

You’ll learn:

  • How Tara left the corporate world to become a children’s author
  • How she started blogging as part of becoming a published author
  • Advice on getting an agent and shopping it around to get a book deal
  • How she overcame her fear of rejection
  • Why marketing for authors isn’t “slimy” and how to do it the right way
  • How to get readers to care about your marketing and want to hear from you
  • Tara’s advice for authors who want to go the traditional publishing route
  • The importance of your book’s concept, and why “message books” are so hard to do correctly
  • How to create books that kids really love and beg their parents to buy
  • Why Tara started the awesome PiBoIdMo writing event, and why I’ll be participating every year
  • Tara’s view of self-publishing children’s books
  • Advice for aspiring authors who haven’t gotten started yet
  • And much more!

Tara’s a really fun and funny guest, and has a lot of great info to share with you in this episode!

More from Tara:

  • TaraLazar.com – Tara’s blog on all things related to children’s book writing and publishing. Very entertaining and worth checking out!
  • The Monstore – Tara’s wonderful picture book
  • PiBoIdMo – The annual Picture Book Idea Month even that Tara created. I can’t wait to sign up and participate this year!

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