Rosemary Rivera & Mario MenjivarI’m back with a fun new episode for you this week. I recently interviewed a really fun couple named Rosemary Rivera & Mario Menjivar, who are a husband and wife team who create and self-publish children’s books! Rosemary is the author and marketing/PR person, and Mario is a former Disney animator who made the transition to illustrating his own books instead. They’ve released one book so far, called The Girl Who Couldn’t Draw, and are hard at work on their next book.

I sat down with them to talk about how they got started creating and publishing books, why they chose to self-publish, how they work together as a team (without getting divorced!), and much more.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why they switched from their original idea of animated shorts to a children’s book
  • Why they decided to self-publish instead of pursuing traditional publishers or TV studios
  • Their advice for other aspiring authors who are afraid of the technology and tools required for self-publishing
  • What they learned from their first book that they’re doing differently with their second book
  • Where to focus your marketing and promotional time, and how to avoid wasting lots of time
  • How marketing and PR play a key role in your book’s success
  • How their process works as a husband and wife team
  • Their goals for the future, and how they’re getting there
  • And much more!

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