Let's Make Kids' Books Children's Publishing PodcastToday I’m really proud and excited to introduce you to my new Let’s Make Kids’ Books podcast. I’ve been podcasting for years, and knew when I started this site that I wanted to create a podcast on the topic of writing, publishing, and selling children’s books.

For the past couple of months I’ve been recording episodes for you, ranging from solo shows where I cover one specific topic or strategy, to interviews with other amazing authors and illustrators, getting them to share what they’ve learned from their own careers and sharing their best tips for creating books and selling as many copies as possible.

My goal with doing a podcast is to give you an easy way to learn more about creating children’s books when you’re on the go. For years I had a 90 minute commute each day, and podcasts were my favorite way to pass the time. Instead of listening to the same songs over and over, hearing all of the bad news in the world, or listening to talking heads blather on about politics or sports, I spent that time learning about marketing, business, and personal development. I gained so much incredible knowledge from the podcasts I listened to, and I hope that Let’s Make Kids’ Books does the same for you!

In the future I plan to add even more kinds of episodes, including Q&A shows where you send in questions and I answer them, or multi-part series on a big topic like marketing. If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover in an episode or a question you want answered, please leave it in the comments below or send it to me using the Contact page above!

I’ll be releasing several episodes right off the bat so you have more than one show to listen to, so please Subscribe on iTunes so you don’t miss any! New shows will be coming out regularly. If you enjoy the show, I have a big favor to ask: please leave a review on iTunes. It really helps get the word out about the show, which lets me help more people like you. Thanks for listening, and enjoy the show!

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