Lynelle WoolleyMy guest on the podcast this week is Lynelle Woolley, self-published children’s author of the fantastic series Flower Girl World. I reached out to Lynelle after running across her books in the Kindle store and being extremely impressed with how attractive, polished, and professional they are. Her books looked like they were produced by a traditional publishing house, which is a very big compliment in the indie world!

I wanted to know how she came up with the idea for the series, what she’s done to make it such a popular and well-received “brand” in the children’s book space, and what tips she has for other indie authors who want to create their own popular series.

In this fun, wide-ranging interview with Lynelle, you’ll learn:

  • How Lynelle came up with the idea for the Flower Girl World series, and why she thought it could be a hit
  • How her background in the corporate world helped her create and shape her brand
  • Who her ideal customers are, and how she came to figure that out
  • Some really unique and creative marketing strategies she employs to get her books in front of the perfect audience
  • How she uses merchandising to make her series and brand even bigger and better—I haven’t seen anyone else in the self-published world doing this stuff!
  • And much more

It was really fascinating for me to hear the thought and planning put into her series, and there’s a lot that every children’s author can take from this interview and apply to their current or upcoming books! Don’t miss it.

Also, be sure to check out her site listed below! It is without a doubt the best author/book website I’ve run across so far.

More from Lynelle:

  • Flower Girl World – Lynelle’s popular book series. The website is beautiful, and well worth checking out from a marketing standpoint!

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