Author Catherine DriscollMy guest this week is Catherine Driscoll, self-published author of the hit book “The Town Turkey.” Catherine wrote it based on a funny event that happened in her town, and ended up turning the idea into a very successful first book! In this interview she shares how she came up with the idea, what led her to self-publish and self-print (rather than using a print on demand service like CreateSpace), how she launched and marketed the book, and much more!

You’ll hear:

  • What gave her the idea for the book in the first place
  • Why she chose self-publishing over going traditional
  • How and why she contracted with a printer, instead of going print on demand
  • Her exact marketing strategy, which includes tons of ideas and techniques you can use too
  • How she leveraged the local angle to sell more books and build her fan base
  • Her brilliant tips for getting the most out of school visits and readings
  • And much more!

Catherine is a very smart marketer and promoter, and the advice she shares in this episode will be a big help to you if you’re struggling to put together a marketing and launch plan for your books! Be sure to check it out and leave a comment below or a review on iTunes.

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